I found this recently in my archives. Seems fitting…

Flirting with the wrong side of Summer
Weighed down my unworthy ships
Drink it in you succulent peach
This is the last of the Forevers

It won’t let you in,
but will sleep with your brother’s dreams
Wilted flower nightmares
Wishing admittance only buys more lies

They keep you waiting,
Awake again,
catapulting dehydrated gains
Deceived by full-nelson fantasies

Originally published July 30th, 2009




The first sentence of any essay was always the hardest for me. Perhaps that is the reason I have put off writing here for so long.

I’ve restarted this blog half a dozen times for a variety of reasons. Each time I tried to do everything I had read about writing a blog but was focused more on page counts than actual content.

I don’t want to do that anymore.

My goal is to write about things I believe in without necessarily committing to any particular post schedule.

I’m really excited to start writing again.